4 Really Smart Loading Tricks for Your Next Move

Specifically when it comes to kitchenware: A lot of the things in there is bitty, spill-y, poke-y, strangely shaped, and usually difficult to move. Plus, no one wants to spend a lot of loan on packing materials that you simply throw away (or pass along) at the end of your move.

Here are 3 wise packing pointers that'll assist make it all a little less irritating.

1. Put knives in oven mitts.

Knives can literally be dangerous to move. If they're not covered up correctly, they can move around and cut you or whoever is moving your stuff. It's just as hazardous on the unpacking end-- the last thing you desire to do is reach into a box of utensils and slice a finger open.

2. Seal off your covers.

Salt and pepper shakers are made actively with holes in them. That's great for spraying seasoning onto food, however less fantastic when moving (unless you desire a box loaded with salt). What to do: Remove the cover, cover the opening with a bit of cling wrap, and screw the lid back on. This will seal it closed. check here Beyond salt and pepper, you can utilize this trick for all sorts of opened kitchen goods-- like honey, olive oil, or baking powder-- as an additional layer of security versus spills.

3. Wrap up your drawers.

If you keep your kitchenware in stand-alone systems like a rolling check here cart, buffet, or sideboard, you likely have perfectly organized drawers that would be a discomfort to repack and unload on either end. Save yourself the problem: Pull out the drawer, wrap it in plastic wrap, and move it still filled. Depending upon how heavy the furniture is, you probably would have wanted to take the drawers out to move it anyhow, so this can save you hours of packing and unpacking.

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